Mobile Midwife Log on

       As a new client if you follow the link you can gain access to the electronic health record (EHR) that I will be using for your care. If you have a chance to fill in your information and medical history prior to our first appointment that will be wonderful. Below you will find the link and some trouble shooting advice. You are free to skip some of the questions if they seem unneccasary. The EHR is comprehensvie for many different forms of practice and I don't need quite all the information they ask for. If you skip something I need I will ask you in the office. If you have any problems with it feel free to call me or we can do it together in the office.

  Information/Trouble shooting for the Mobile MIdwife EHR:

Please visit the following link from an iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows PC. The iPad or iPhone is preferred as it allows you to review and sign the consent forms and agreements :

If unable to open the client portal from your Mac or Windows computer please follow these steps :
  • Close all your browsers and try the link again.
  • Reboot computer and try the link again.
  • Try a different browser or computer if available.
  • Even better, if you have access to an iPad or iPhone please open the link I provided from there.
  • Enable Silverlight plugin :
    • Safari - Be sure the Safari->"Private Browsing" menu item is unchecked. Then open menu item Safari->Preferences->Security and press "Manage Website Settings...". Then choose Silverlight on the left and ensure "When visiting other websites" is set to "Run in unsafe mode".
    • Firefox - Open the “Tools->Add-ons” menu. Press “Plugins” on the left and make sure the Silverlight plugin is set to “Always Active”.
    • Internet Explorer - First be sure there is nothing that says “InPrivate” at the top by the web address. If so, restart your browser. Then press the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner and choose “Manage add-ons”. Then choose “All add-ons” under the “Show:” field. Then scroll down on the right and make sure the “Microsoft Silverlight” add-on is “Enabled”. 

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