Oct. 21, 2017

Microbiome otherwise known as the Germs....

      I was sitting here thinking what is interesting about home birth and well many things arose in my mind about that. One of the most intersting is about Germs! Everyone worries about germs and has concerns about home birth and it's safety. I think one of the most encouraging safety issues is the germs in your house. A mother lives in this house, they are her germs and she has antibodies to thses germs. The antibodies she has are passed to the baby, therefore the environment of the home is a safe one for the baby. The baby will not be exposed to anything foreign for it's immune system and can transition without risk of a dangerous infection. In the hospital there are all kinds of nasty potential infectious agents. Hospital's try very hard to limit this risk, but it is still a risk. To me this is a critical piece for the safety of homebirth.

      Another topic related to this is the microbiome. The microbiome is the bacteria that babies are covered in during the process of a vaginal delivery. They have recently discovered the increadible imporatnce of the microbiome. These bacterias are critical for life long health. They have found that babies colonized with bacteria during vaginal birth have reduced likely hood for many digestive issues as well as other health problems later in life. A very good movie on the subject is called Microbirth. After I watched this movie I proceeded to inform all my children that I gave them the best possible foundation for their immune systems and gut health. 

      With Homebirth the potential for vaginal delivery is about 90%-95% ; where as in the hospital it is  about 67%. Yet more good news for Homebirth.