“Dania does an incredible job at what she does. She was always so welcoming, kind and accommodating at every appointment. My 2 year old also looked forward to coming.  Dania was so great with him. 
She was also quick to respond whenever I needed to contact her, any time of any day. She really knows her stuff and any doubts/fears of having our baby at home were alleviated. We were so confident in her to safely deliver our baby in the best way for mom and baby. And she did just that! I had very little post partum issues (if any) compared to the plethora I had with my first at the hospital. I felt more empowered as a mother after this home birth than I did with my hospital birth. Dania also gives you the freedom and strengthening support to deliver however your body feels led in the comfort of your home. Her lighthearted personality was exactly what my type A personality needed. And the sweet relationship that develops even after baby is born is a sure sign of her passion, zeal and heart for midwifery. Our family loves and highly recommends Dania!”
-Imari P.

"Amazing experiance having you attend our birth and catch our baby girl. A great listener for me when I felt overwhelmed and scared! It's a bond I feel with you that will never be forgotten! Thanks for being such a great support to our family! We love you."

-Allison M.

       "It was such a dream to work with Dania as our midwife. I began my prenatal care with a typical OBGYN and then transferred care to Dania. What a world of difference! Throughout pregnancy she spent so much time with me at each appointment, answering every question, and checking in about my emotional well-being as well. She was so supportive and nurturing throughout the process that when it came time for birth I felt confident and held. She is extremely knowledgeable, wise, compassionate,  and professional. I loved how she supported me during labor, but also trusted me and my body to do my thing without too much intervention. My husband and I felt so comfortable with her and established deep trust and love. My son’s birth at home was beautiful, empowering, safe, and gentle. Her visits postpartum were so sweet and helpful for all three of us. Working with Dania feels like working with family. She holds the honor of being a midwife sacred and it is evident in all that she does. I came to seek her guidance for so many things and am forever grateful. "


     "I wouldn't change a thing about my baby's birth. I found Dania a little late into my pregnancy after we moved to Nevada City but we quickly caught up to speed. From the first day I met her, Dania felt like family and I always felt very taken care of. She answered ALL of my questions and made me feel so comfortable at my prenatal visits. I knew I needed a strong, feminine presence at my birth and Dania was it. During my labor, I felt extremely supported. She let me have space to go through my process but she was also there to guide me as much as I needed her. After my baby was born, I was amazed at how she and the other midwife took care of everything and I could just focus on getting to know my baby. It was a profoundly magical experience from start to finish. I couldn't imagine our baby's birth any other way than in our home with Dania as our midwife. We are eternally grateful."


      "Dania Shelton is the midwife of the Century!  Throughout my entire pregnancy she was my rock. She helped keep me grounded when I wanted to fly and kept me going when I was about to give up.  She did so much more than deliver my son. She was there for my family and even helped me get rid of the people I did not want at my birth.  My husband and I were able to communicate our fears and our wishes. Dania went beyond our expectations as a midwife.  I had a very long and intense labor and it was Dania that kept me going.  She was patient with my body and my family!  We watched the sun come up and go down and she never once left my side.  Giving birth was not easy.  She never made me believe it would be, but she assured me that my body could and would do it, naturally. And it did. Noah Spruce was 10lbs 5 ounces.  Pushing him out was the hardest thing I have ever done, but we did it.  It’s so important to have a good birth team. Mine was small , like I wanted and I am so grateful for everyone that was there. Thank you Dania for listening to us and supporting us through it all. "